Top questions for communication with a stranger
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Top questions for communication with a stranger

Not every person can easily start a conversation, neither in the Internet, nor in real life. Most often this problem arises due to self-doubt. Therefore, before entering Omegle and Chatroulette, you have to prepare a sample list of questions that will help you to make communication easy.

A new meeting is better to start with a question. Show interest and find out what topic is interesting and close to the interlocutor.

Theater and cinema, musical preferences

The topics are very multifaceted and there are a lot of questions:

– What genre of films do you like?

– Did you watch a new movie, new episodes of your favorite series?

– Which film caused deep feelings?

Р Who is your favorite actor?

– Do you like theater?

– Where do you prefer to watch movies – at home, lying on a sofa or in a movie theater?

– Is there a favorite TV show? What would you like to take part in? Why?

– Who is your favorite singer?

– What is your favorite musical composition?

– You can discuss the facts from the biography of your favorite singer or group.

– By the way, soon there will be a concert in our city, will you join me?

Nature, holidays / vacations, travelling

It is also quite an interesting topic. It is not necessary to discuss overseas countries, you can talk about a simple picnic with friends. Possible questions:

  • Where do you like to relax – forest, mountains, river, sea?
  • What is the most memorable journey?
  • Preferences in rest – active, passive?
  • If you had the opportunity to visit any country in the world, which one would you go to?
  • Where are you going to spend your next vacation?

Transport – car, motorcycle, bike

If you and your interlocutor are transport owners, then you can discuss the following topics:

  • Model, vehicle manufacturer.
  • Technical condition, you can ask about the service station, where the transport is serviced, its pros and cons.
  • Have there ever been funny stories related to transport?

Even if you do not have your own transport, you can recall a couple of funny incidents or jokes about public transport.

Work, study

It is 100% successful conversation. A person spends most of his life at school or at work, and there are surely a lot of interesting points about which you can tell and ask questions:

  • Where do you work or what specialty do you study?
  • Why such a choice of place of work?
  • Funny cases at work / school?
  • What was the most ridiculous or stupid task the boss gave?
  • Unusual or strange colleagues, their actions?

Hobbies, sports, pets

Almost every person has a favorite activity, a favorite animal or a bird. This is also the source of numerous stories. You can ask:

  • What is your hobby? What do you like to do in your free time?
  • Is there an animal, tell me about the funny stories associated with it?
  • Do you play sports? Regularly or occasionally? Why was this sport chosen?

In the process of communication there will be new topics. You can talk about the life of the interlocutor, his biography, ask for advice on his professional activities. The main thing is to show true interest in the interlocutor and listen.

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