A random chat for new acquaintances

A random chat for new acquaintances

Chat-roulettes made dating in the Internet easy and interesting. The global network presents a lot of online services that interfere with interlocutors from different countries. The first random chat Chatroulette and its main follower, Omegle, are especially popular.


Chatroulette is known as the first communication platform where partners are selected randomly. The creator of the resource was an ordinary Russian student Andrei Ternovsky.

Initially, the users did not trust the format of the project. But 3 months after the launch of the platform, everything has changed. Almost immediately, the author’s roulette of Ternovsky became a place for communication for more than 1.5 million users. After 10 years, this type of Internet communication has not lost its relevance. Many analogues of Chatroulette appeared, but not a single online service was able to repeat the success of its ancestor.

What is the secret of a random chat? Chatroulette with its functionality satisfied the main need of the users. It is the desire to meet and communicate with new people. A random selection of interlocutors allows you to communicate with residents of different countries. Indeed, more than 50% of Chatroulette’s audience is made up of users from the USA, Canada, France and Germany.

Using the capabilities of a random chat, a person can find true friends. Chatroulette also helps a lot of people learn foreign languages.

New communication in the Omegle service

Omegle was created six months after the announcement of the Russian-speaking Chatroulette. This site is more focused on the English-speaking audience. The resource did not gain well-deserved popularity, although it had excellent functionality.

A lot of people register on dating sites and seek a soulmate. But communicating in a text chat cannot replace the real communication. Using the capabilities of the Omegle service, users can reduce the distance and determine the future prospects of communication with a specific person.

Omegle is a standard chat with a random selection of interlocutors. Communication in Omegle is focused on finding a partner with a given set of parameters. The chat has a section for personal information: it can indicate the age, hobbies and the place of residence of the user. The system automatically selects interlocutors with similar parameters.

Such selection increases the chance of meeting a suitable partner. Omegle helps to find friends, partners for serious relationships.


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