5 questions when meeting a new person
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5 questions when meeting a new person

Currently, young people prefer dating in the Internet. This is a simple and convenient way to make a new acquaintance, make friends or find a soulmate. Chat-roulettes are the most popular way of online dating.

Chat-roulette functions allow you to find a partner for communication from anywhere in the world. In addition, a chat-roulette offers a simple registration, here you can even maintain anonymity at all. There are no forbidden topics in the video chat and any other restrictions. You can simply enter a chat-roulette and start chatting with an interested partner. If communication is not satisfactory, you can choose another person. It is also possible to communicate with several partners at the same time. Users can communicate as much as they want, without restrictions, or stop communicating without giving a reason why.

Although the way of dating in a chat-roulette is very popular, a lot of users do not know what questions to ask in order to interest the partner and continue communication. You should not ask the partner where he lives or social status. People use chat-roulettes to take a break from everyday life and have fun.

Start with a comic question

If you like the interlocutor, you can start talking to him with a comic question. This will show your sense of humor. The question will differ, depending on your gender. For example, you can ask ‘Imagine that you live in the series. What would you call it?’ You can come up with any fun question that interests the user. Such a question will be interesting for each user to answer.

Ask about hobby

At the initial stage of communication, it will be appropriate to ask ‘What are you addicted to?’ or something similar. This will interest the partner. He/she will be interested in talking. And you will be able to understand whether it is interesting for you to continue communicating with this user.

Neutral topic

For example, ask about the weather or how the user relates to global warming. Everyone is interested in global issues, so it is quite appropriate to know the opinion of another person.

Be interested

People like to solve puzzles. This applies both to girls and boys. If you want to be interested, ask, ‘How much do you think I can eat burgers?’ The question can be any, most importantly interesting and requiring an answer. In response, you can get a similar question, and communication can move on to other topics.


And finally, a trivial question that still works. People use chat-roulettes for communication, they want to relax and get distracted. Most likely the partner will not tell you the truth, but will show interest in your person.

Communicate in the chat-roulettes, ask various questions and enjoy communicating with interesting interlocutors!

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