How to overcome the fear of dating in a chat-roulette?
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How to overcome the fear of dating in a chat-roulette?

Fear of new acquaintances is a natural phenomenon that occurs even among extroverts. People are afraid that they will not find common topics or say something wrong, joke inappropriately and look funny. When communicating in a video chat, the feeling of embarrassment often does not disappear, because the chat-roulettes are as close as possible to a conversation in reality. How to overcome discomfort and meet new people?


A universal advice that works for everyone – practice develops a good habit in communicating. After each conversation you will feel pleasant satisfaction and pride in the fact that you were able to do this (do not forget to regularly praise yourself).

Remember that your interlocutors are ordinary people

Remind yourself that your interlocutors also have fears and psychological complexes. You just communicate with each other, and do not pass the exam, which means that there should be no constraint. Keep in mind that each person has his own shortcomings. If you do not speak English too well, remember that your foreign friend most likely does not know Russian at all. Be proud of your achievements and talk freely about your hobby.

Chat-roulette is a safe place

To make it pleasant for you to communicate from the first minutes on the site, remember about the button that can stop the conversation at any time or switch to a new user. Even if the conversation is going well and you do not have to interrupt the conversation, remember this opportunity – it will help you calm down and feel more relaxed.

Invite a friend

If you are scared to get in touch, it is absolutely not necessary to do it alone. You can invite your friend and arrange a conversation with the whole company. Thanks to this, many people feel more confident.

Take care of your appearance

If you are used to spending time at home in a T-shirt and stretched sweatpants, there can be no talk of self-confidence in front of a webcam. Of course, it is not necessary to wear an office suit or elegant dress. Sufficiently clean shirt, neat jeans or a t-shirt. If you are confident in your appearance, the fear will quickly disappear.

These are effective tips to help you relieve psychological stress before using chat-roulette. Now you can meet new people every day, develop your communication skills, and experience positive emotions from such conversations. With regular training, you will quickly find interesting topics even with strangers.

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